Saturday, January 08, 2011


while we were away in malaysia for 2 weeks our garden was not doing too well as it hadn't rained at all it appears. our tomato plant above managed to put out a few fruit but none aer ripe yet. and the ground looks so dry!Anyway i do hope no harm was done and that soon we'll have nice juicy ones. These look rather unique with their 2 shades of green. i hope that's what it's meant to be and not because of the lack of water!
 These below are cherry tomato plants. Is this pot gonna be big enough for all 3 of em?
above, some potatoes Gav dug up. These were the ones from the plant with purple flowers. Perhaps if it had rained more they'd be bigger.

 I think it's safe to say that this lemongrass is deceased. Rest in peace.

 Potato plants on the left, and a tiny tomato plant on the right. They say you're not meant to plant tomatoes with potatoes. anyone know why?
The washed potatoes, about to get cooked and eaten! I'm happy with them as there's always something special about eating what you've grown, even if they're tiny.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Cell, Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving comments about our new Kitty. I can sympathise with your tomato plant problem - ours looks exactly the same. Reasonable size, but green and not showing any signs of ripening. I've watered it when we haven't had rain, I've fed it, it's had lots of sun, but I've put it in the shade on REALLY hot days...what else can one do for a bloody plant??!!