Monday, March 28, 2011

plant and pet problems

 Socks has an annoying habit of meowing at 3am and patting us with his paw, walking all over us or scratching at the door. Last night he even managed to push the door open and made such a ruckus that we were woken up several times during the night. He's been doing this every night we've let him stay in.
Because of this we've had to put him out because we need our sleep and can't entertain him at 3am.
What should we do? We've tried tiring him out during the day by ensuring he doesn't get much sleep. but who has the time to spend 10 hours everyday entertaining him when we're both working people? How on earth do cat owners sleep at night? Any tips?
 Our big tomatoes aren't doing too badly and we've harvested quite a few this season.
 However, our cherry tomatoes aren't faring so well and a lot have rotted before even maturing, like these ones.
 Our chilli plant has a weird disease that i don't know what to do about.
 little black spotty bits appear under the leaves.
 another immature rotted tomato. what a pity!
 also, they're not quite ripening. is it bad that I've got them in the ground with grass all over?
 it's my first time growing tomatoes so I've no expertise on this.
 However I wonder if i'd grown them too close together? or did they need pruning? what was I supposed to prune out?
 more unripe tomatoes. it would be such a pity if they never ripen!

on the bright side, the walnut tree has been dropping heaps of walnuts which I've been happily collecting. Hulling and shelling them are hard work though!


Martha Neverland said...

i wish I could grow tomatoes. Aren'ttomatos supposed to be tied up to a post to help them stand?
anyway..I had those black dots on my lime plant too. friend said to get some chemical and spray. I didn't, but I just prunned entirebranches away.after a 3rd time, it grew fine.

Gina E. said...

Hi Cell,
Thank you very much for your kind comments about Ken on my blog - I do appreciate my cyber friends!
Now, a cat that wakes you up in the early hours is just a normal cat doing what they all do if they can get away with it! The secret is to lock Socks up in the laundry (or other small room such as bathroom) with some food, water and litter tray. Ignore all the noise he makes on the first few nights. Once he knows you mean business, he'll get used to it!
Bad luck about your cherry tomatoes, but at least you got to harvest the others. I think we got one this year, when I usually get dozens off one healthy plant. To find out what your plant bugs are, take cuttings to a reputable nursery. Someone there should be able to help you.