Sunday, May 01, 2011


 We've been trying a few different brands of dry cat food for Socks. So far he's had Whiskas chicken liver flavour, Woolies home brand seafood basket, Friskies prawn, crab and tuna and Coles smart buy chicken and beef flavour. He seemed to like them all except the Woolies homebrand one, which made him throw up once and gave him bad breath anyway.
We were lucky enough to have mussels for dinner tonight, at $7 a kilo we couldn't resist buying some. These are just simply flavoured with some chopped garlic, spring onion, fresh chilli and salt. After frying those aromatic bits in oil, add the mussels and a bit of water and cook with the lid on for 4-5 minutes so they "steam" themselves open. This with rice and stir fried greens make a complete meal.

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Martha J. Lee said...

somehow..everything you post on food gets me imagining about really delicous food! I always look forward to your food postings!