Sunday, June 19, 2011

fish head meehoon

 I got this at the sandy bay korean mart today, for $1.70 [approx what you'd pay for a single serving of Bulla ice cream from Coles] it's a korean [or japanese?] ice cream dumpling, which consists of a mochi skin [chewy, sweet and flavoured with powdered green tea] and filled with vanilla ice cream and walnut pieces. delicious! if that description wasn't enticing enough, here's the ad on youtube. anyway it's just interesting for a change if you've always had mainstream ice cream.

After church today we made this seafood meehoon [rice noodle] soup which is a Chinese Malaysian lunchtime meal consisting of thin rice vermicelli in a creamy sourish broth with salted vegetables and deep fried fish head pieces. it's nice having a hot soupy meal on a cold winter's day. it's one of my favourite Malaysian meals. Traditionally it's made with deep fried crispy fish head, which is full of bones which I don't like. So, we've made ours with marinara mix [bite sized pieces of white fish, salmon, mussels, prawns and calamari rings] instead.
Below, the pickled mustard greens which go into the broth. I love using a cleaver to cut everything, instead of having multiple sized knives around.
 Tomato wedges and spring onions add flavour to the broth as well.
 Chinese cabbage which I got at Salamanca fruit market for just $3!
 Boil it all up with chicken stock, ginger and sesame oil. Add the seafood pieces near the end of cooking since there's nothing worse than overcooked mussels!
 Soak the rice vermicelli in water before adding it to the broth.
 Add some evaporated milk [or cream] just before eating and there you have it!
This is probably not a very good recipe to follow, so if you want proper instructions, go here.

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Gina E. said...

Soup sounds delicious, especially on these cold days and nights! But I'm not so sure about that icecream... different!