Thursday, June 09, 2011

food...homemade and otherwise

 it's been awhile! but i've not been that inspired to blog. nowadays with so many more interesting blogs out there, i feel like i dont have anythong worthwhile to contribute to this sea of blog posts.
 anyway, above is a caramel cup i had at a cafe in campbelltown. we stopped by here on our way to Launceston. It was nice -  i think, a shortcrust base, with some top n fill caramel in the centre? and white chocolate on top.
 this was the blandest pasty i've ever had in my life! this is what makes people make derogatory comments about English food. it doesnt have to be this bad...surely....
 This burger that the hubby had wasn't too bad though. you can't go wrong with bacon.
 a blue cheese and ham pizza i made using an instant pizza base recipe from Jamie Oliver where you put self raising flour, oil, water and salt in a food processor and roll it out! no yeast or kneading involved. then it's cooked on a stove, then under the grill.
a pecan slice from baker's dozen [ a Launceston bakery chain]


Martha said...

yes..there's a sea of blogs out there. but it's more satisfying reading one that belongs to a friend. I always enjoy your postings. :)

Gina E. said...

Cell, don't feel you have to please anyone else with your blog! Just blog away about whatever turns you on, and don't worry about what others think. You've seen me prattle on about my financial woes, Ken's health issues, etc. etc - of no real interest to anyone else! But blogs are insights into other people's heads, and I reckon if someone said they weren't interested in knowing how other people tick, they're lying, or just completely self-centred!
I always love to read about what you cook, and what you find to eat in restaurants and cafes. Keep it up!