Friday, October 14, 2011

random eats - havent been organized enough to post regularly

 socks loves the sunshine. here he is, basking in its glory.
 Above, niku jaga which we had at Sakura, a japanese restaurant in subang jaya. very flavourful. it's just a simple dish really, beef, carrot and potatoes stewed with a broth. but so yummy!
 a whole soft shell crab, deep fried and stuffed into a sushi roll. the crab looks a bit like a tarantula in the pic! but it was delicious.
 home made "orchien" which is a malaysian oyster ommelette.
 homemade burgers! [pan frying burgers at home is not advisable if u're not keen on spending half an hour cleaning the floors, walls, surfaces and stove afterwards]
this isnt part of the "food" commentary but this poor thing was mauled by Socks and half of its leg got eaten too. The cat probably thought it was a tasty treat!


Martha said...

now I thought you were gonna eat that spider too! haha..

Gina E. said...

So did I!! Ugh. Did you know the reason cats eat spiders, flies and other insects? It is because they are full of protein. Seriously!