Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chinese new year and other things

 For those who didn't know, last Monday was the first day of the chinese new year. We got together with some other chinese background-ed folks to have a hotpot meal, above which consists of various types of meat, tofu, vegetables and noodles cooked in a broth at the table and eaten as they cook. I love those processed meatballs, octopus balls and fishballs. [which you can only get at asian grocery shops] of course we always end up preparing too much food. we had just 7 people but bought enough food for double that!
 This isn't food related but I just thought Socks looked so crisp and smart next to the laptop one day.
at the office barbie - lots of saturated fat and cholesterol i'm afraid!

Some pan fried squid and flathead fillets that were dredged in a seasoned flour- yummy!

oh and Happy Australia day!

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Martha said...

anything you cook will be yummy. Hey we had squid too by the way, but chinee style, deep fried and coated in "ham tan"