Monday, January 09, 2012

frozen meal reviews

One night, we made the error of not booking a table at the restaurant we meant to go to and found that it was full [a friday night] and every other place we tried to ring up was full too! We really didn't feel like cooking so did the next best thing [apart from going to Macca's] we bought frozen ready meals from the supermarket!
Who'd have known you could have ready meals from all around the world right from the freezer section?
this one from lean cuisine $4.50 on special was quite a good serving size, which was surprising for something that only has 300cals. the meat was tender and the pasta was cooked just right with a nice springy texture. The sauce was tasty enough but it did indeed taste low fat. [whether that's a good thing or not is up to you to decide!] what i mean is that it didn't taste rich. a good filling meal nonetheless.

 Gav had this Indian curry one which was $5.60, it looked like a small serving at first but after tipping it unto a plate it was a good sized portion. Apparently it was developed by some award winning chef from the UK who won some briyani award.
 It smelled so good and was very tasty. As good as a freshly made curry from an Indian takeaway. the whole kitchen smelled like a curry restaurant when it was being microwaved.
 There were good sized chunks of meat and generous lashings of curry sauce. Gav said he would buy this again. It's a good convenience meal but because it has no veggies in it, you'd need a side salad or some other vegetable to balance it off.

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