Saturday, September 01, 2012

been..VERY busy!

i havent been able to log in to this blog /or any blog! in ages because i've been tied up with this:

yep - becoming a parent is ... indescribable. people told me lots of things about it before he was born but it never registered how extremely EXHAUSTING it would be. will this turn into a parenting blog? i dont know.. but, as we go along in life passing through its different stages - different things take up our attention and time and we can't hold on to the past... 
getting only 1-2 hours of sleep every day [im not joking!] for months is no fun at all. in fact i wonder if sleep deprivation were used as a form of torture in war? i thought babies slept most of the day but mine slept even less than most adults i know! those first 3 months were like a blur to me - completely and utter brain fog/exhaustion/brain dead and i cant quite remember much from that time. it just passed by in a blink of an eye but felt like years and years....
but of course, seeing his face and smile makes it all worth it... perhaps that's why God made babies so cute. if they weren't, we wouldn't go through this torture for them..

anyway. if i feel that some parenting posts would be interesting, they might find their way in here but it's something not everyone's interested in [unlike food...] and i always zoned out whenever someone talked about their kids [before i had one] because i couldn't relate. so i can totally understand if people can't relate to this aspect of my life now. 

for months i was unable to cook/bake anything as i had to hold him 24/7. but, it's still one of my passions!
so i've resorted to Ć«asy, instant foods like pita pizzas. 

this avocado, cheese and bacon pizza i made was yummy - and so easy to make too! [not much more work than a sandwich really]

 the hubby took the baby this afternoon promising to let me have some time to myself so I made this ricotta cheesecake from Belinda Jeffrey's book. unfortunately my photography skills haven't improved much so this photo is wrong on so many levels. anyway, i enjoyed finally baking something, after months of not having baked anything.
even more fun was going to the neighbour's homes to give them some....

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Martha said...

To attempt pizza n cake is a big thing in my opinion. Just read your latest post. Glad u found something that worked! Both my girls, ESP Jo, coz she was fully breast fed, kept me awake till they turned 3. Not a good thing. I just didn't have energy to read up. I'm glad for you. :) hooray to victory! :)