Sunday, November 11, 2012

strawberry season and Southern Lights Aura cafe

 We had lunch at Aura cafe at the Southern Lights Hotel in Kingston. There's a nice view of Kingston and the river Derwent and a bit of the eastern shore on the other side as well. and a very good two man band were playing this afternoon. "Where's Mary" is their band's name. But, i'm most concerned about food, so above is the Chicken parmigiana which was excellent. What's not to like about deep fried chicken smothered in cheese, ham, tomato sauce and eggplant?

 The moussaka was nice too, with lotsa cheese, white sauce, eggplant and tomato sauce.
 This was the fish of the day, for $29.95 - very healthy! grilled travelley with sweet potato mash, steamed asparagus, red cabbage and truffle oil. How many superfoods can you pack into just one meal?
All in all I'm quite impressed with the chef here, the food exceeded our expectations. Wonder why there were hardly anyone here today, a Sunday?

 My first strawberry ice cream  made with my Breville freeze n' mix. Just strawberries, cream, milk and sugar went into this. It was really easy to do - just puree some hulled strawberries, whisk that with cream, milk and sugar, chill in the fridge, then churn in the [pre-frozen] ice cream bowl.
Everyone thought it was okay. Who knows? might be better than Haagen Dazs'... hehe

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