Friday, November 16, 2012

The Fish Bar, Bellerive, Tasmania

 Situated at Bellerive Beach, this place has a great view, ample parking and great service! This was my first time here, but I've eaten at the other branches in Sandy Bay and North Hobart. I must say this one has the best location though. All the servers were really friendly and accommodating. First of we had the natural oysters $9.50, above, that were really fresh and tasty. I just love how it bursts with fresh salty oyster juice when you put it in your mouth.
 This was the grilled stripey trumpeter with salad, $16.50. Flaky flesh and tasty tartare sauce...but it wasn't as good as the battered flathead, below. [well only because the more fattening things are, the tastier... ]

 We also had the crumbed scallops - very nice.
This was some other battered fish but I dont remember what. Yummy as well. 

 we had ice cream and coffees as well but didnt bother photographing them...This is a great place for seafood with a view when you don't want to pay Mures prices, wait in line or pay for metered parking at the docks.

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Martha said...

You make food so delicious. We just had soup noodles n vege today.