Sunday, February 17, 2013

special fried rice at Kelantan Delights

Every time I come here there are people waiting for their takeaway orders of the special fried rice ($11.50). I generally don't order fried rice when I'm out since we often make it at home using whatever leftovers we have, but I finally decided to see what so great about it. I was not disappointed! It's freshly stir fried after the order is taken and arrives at the table smoking hot, with a fragrant omelette on top with crisp browned edges. Each bit of chicken, rice or vegetable is nicely "wok caramelized" and I had no trouble polishing off the whole plate.

I asked the chef why their roti canai was so popular, he says it's because each serve is freshly made after the order is taken, not cooked from a frozen state.

Kingston Plaza Channel Hwy  Kingston TAS 7050, Australia

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