Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dining out in Reservoir/Rosanna

 We happened to pass by this place on Plenty Rd, Reservoir on our way to Preston and couldn't resist trying it out. We'd had nepalese momo in KL before and loved it. It's basically chinese steamed jiaozi but with a bit of an indian twist- the curry like spicy sauce!

 above, the pani puri $6.50 which I wasn't that impressed with as they were cold. but the onion dip was nice..I think we didn't quite know how to eat it. were we meant to dip the crackers into the brown liquid?
 the menu. this is just a takeaway outlet so nothing fancy looking...
 but the mask display on the wall might interest some...
the deep fried chicken momo which was the best thing ever! loved the spicy sauce. we gobbled it up so quickly that we needed more sauce! 
 this is the chilli momo with a chilli sauce which was REALLY hot!

I'd come here again just for the momo. the girls who waited on us were lovely - smiling and friendly.
I really like that they're open till 9pm [it's nearly impossible finding anything in hobart that's open that late apart from pubs and macca's]

They have a facebook page here
708 Plenty Rd Reservoir VIC 3073
(03) 9943 9229 

After that, we were still greedy hungry so we went to Rasa Chinta on Waiora Rd that opens till 10pm! and had their nasi lemak special $11 which had the best beef curry ever.

Our only gripe was that there wasn't enough sambal but we asked for more and were given a nice generous glop more so we were happy.

 For dessert, we had the roti pisang with ice cream and maple syrup. Not a very malaysian way of having it, but yummy.

Address: 233 Waiora Rd, Heidelberg Heights VIC 3081, Australia
Phone:+61 3 9456 9328

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