Friday, March 09, 2007

I decided to try making a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting because FanYin suggested it and I'd never done one before. Lotsa people have been asking for it too!!'s healthy right? since it contains beta carotene for your eyes. i'd like to think it's healthy bcoz of the 3 grated carrot in it..but uh....i think the fat from the cream cheese/butter/sugar cancels out any health benefits.
the cinnamon in it makes it a dark brown colour.

Everyone at cellgroup said the cake was nice so i guess it must've been. I managed to save a slice for mum. It was really moist with visible bits of carrot and walnuts.

Price: RM40

Size: 8-inch round

Mum made some gingerbread angels. arent they sweet??? nice skirts. ehhe. they're for my aunt's sunday school class. she used fresh ginger so they really tasted nice and gingerish!!

Price: RM22 for 10 gingerbread angels

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Christine said...

Hey Sel!

The carrot cake was really really good, and the cream cheese topping was fantabulous. When I order this, I am going to request extra cream cheese, even though it was quite generous already, lol!