Sunday, March 11, 2007

We had dinner at Bella Italia in ss12 tonight [same row as dominos, Taj Curry house and SJMC] Opposite sheraton hotel. it's a really nice little place run by an italian family [i think they're italian coz they look mediterranean and speak with that accent]
you cant miss it as the huge awning is in the italian flag colours - red white and green.

I had my usual pasta carbonara. it was okay..but not as good as the one i make while at tassie coz.. we all know you cant have an authentic carbonara without real bacon!! this was made with beef bacon. oh well. for RM12.90 you cant complain...] sorry for the blurry photo. havent mastered the art of taking photos without adequate lighting.
the Bruschetta was pretty good though.
dad ordered this pasta but no idea what it is.

lamb shank

tiramisu! again, it wasnt that great because it doesn't have any liquour in it! in fact it just tasted like any other commercially made sponge cake with too much fat.

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