Sunday, March 18, 2007

japanese cheesecake

Rachel inspired me to try out a recipe for japanese fluffy cheesecake the other day. I dont know how close this one is to the one she was describing, but well, i thought it was worth a try.

First i mashed up some cream cheese with milk using a fork like this
then add some egg yolks, sugar, cream of tartar..cornflour..and lemon juice

and whisk up some egg whites and sugar till it gets all airy and fluffy like this [i love whisking egg whites with a hand beater..coz u dont have to expend that much energy but you get to see how some clear gooey mess turn into heavenly fluffy creamy looking meringue!]

fold the egg white mixture in like this,very gently so that you dont burst the air bubbles.

and bake in a bain marie for 40 minutes!

here's the finished product..with some blackberry jam glaze on top.

it was really soft, creamy and fluffy...and had a nice lemony flavour. the sweet blackberry topping gave it just enough sweetness to counteract the tangy lemony cake.
terk, chihui, jeniffer, joanna and simeon almost finished the whole cake so i guess it was okay-tasting. i used the leftover cream cheese to make a cheesy chicken sandwich with some roast chicken, tomato, spinach leaves and black pepper.

Price: RM30
Size: 7-inch round [small]

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