Sunday, April 22, 2007

Chocolate Cake

Our neighbour wanted a plain chocolate cake with no frosting [less calories that way I suppose!] so mum decided to decorate it with some red candy hearts instead. it looks quite pretty i think.

Plain Chocolate cake
Price: RM30

we had dinner at dusit thai last night, in pyramid. the ambience is pretty good, with table or floor seating [quite cool, when you sit on the "floor" there's actually a hole in which you can put your legs into, and cushions to sit on and you get to eat off a low table]
I got too busy eating to take anymore pictures so here're just two of the dishes:
a squid salad [it was so hot that i gagged and chocked after eating a bite that must've included some cili padi slices and i could feel my whole face/throat burning up and my esophagus got sent into spasms] but i suppose it IS yummy if u like things spicy.
and chicken tomyam soup.

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