Monday, April 30, 2007

im always on the lookout for ice cream so i found this new place in alamanda, putrajaya. it's DQ which i think stands for dairy queen [so it must be a spawn of the old dairy queen ice cream chain]

here's its regular vanilla cone at RM 1.15

it was only so so. the ice cream had a nice texture but tasted bland. and the cone was horrible! it tasted dry and chewy [like it had "low foong" alreadyyyyyy]

i think..... i'd prefer mcdonald's vanilla cones to this.
they have other things too that might make this place a good place to hangout since it's relatively reasonably priced. warning: blurry pics ahead

here's a poster for their blizzards which look very much like mcflurries with oreo/smarties bits in it. [i think my mcmind's been macdonalized!]

somehow i get the feeling that it's very american. here's the poster for their RM6.90 "moo" lattes. perhaps i'll try them the next time around. they have other interesting things like hotdogs, nachos and "branded" juices. dont ask me why it's branded!! but each "juice" has a name. "julius" is one of em!

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Yoga Trish said...

Ooh, "very American" please don't dump all of us in the glut of trashy food stuffs. Dairy Queen is American but it doesn't represent America.