Thursday, April 26, 2007

this week being a super food fest since the boyfriend is home for a holiday..thought i'd blog a bit about the great food we've been having.
today we had really yummilicuios sarawak laksa at nam chuan in lucky garden, bangsar. no picture though...coz i was too busy stuffing my face to bother about snapping a pic.
but here're some from sushi king last night:
the sashimi was okay but not the freshest it could've been.
fried octopus with mayo. it was only so so. crispy..but flavour wasnt anything special. tasted merely of flour and pepper. [it wasnt japanesey in flavour]
the tofu was a disappointment...deep fried pieces of tofu... that would've had crispy skin except that it was drowning in a weird brownish oily liquid.

next up: IKEA's cafeteria. i've always loved eating here and the "daim" cake is the BEST!! i had fish n chips [simple but yummy]

the boyfriend had to have his meatballs and opted for chips instead of the usual boiled potatoes. he agreed with me that berry jam+beefballs= wrong

we had drinks at happy cafe in happy garden afterwards...[cheap beer] i had a [non-alcoholic] blueberry smoothie [would've been really yummy except for some weird red hard seeds in it..i dont think they're blueberry seeds though!]
On to subang jaya. the coffee at "old town white coffee" cafe in ss15 was.......REALLY REALLY SUPER KAO!! [thick] some people like it that way but it was too "powerful" for me. i couldnt finish it. and perhaps the reason im still awake at 1.12am right now!! [sheesh] however the boyfriend seemed to enjoy it. by the way, this was the place where i was conned into paying RM4.70 for a pathetic bowl of maggi mee with one sprig of bokchoy an half a slice of processed offcuts ham. but, it has nice ambiance and with free wi-fi i suppose the place has its fans.

at some nasi kandar masakan melayu place in sunway [dont rmbr the name] they had really good ikan pari curry [that rhymes!] and chilli fried okra.

i had the nasi patayya [that wasnt very impressive]

but this chicken soup [sup ayam] was good. it was fragrant and slightly spicy and sourish and had nice pieces of chicken/celery/onions in it.

ok that's allfor food fest. more tomorrow. i need to go to the gym.


Suk Maan said...

You evil woman. i am salivating here.

Shaun said...

The lingonberry jam and meatballs are excellent! You can't have one without the other la.