Tuesday, May 29, 2007

it was claire's birthday so i tried this new recipe for lemon "surprise" cake from a children's cookbook from england. all the photos in it were hazy and gives one kinda a feeling like u're in dreamland or something. like everything is so cozy and warm.

as usual, i beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.

then added the lemon juice. the recipe said to add the juice of two lemons..and since i was using the bottled lemon squeeze..i didnt know how much that was so i only put 4 tablespoons. i should've put more coz the cake didnt take lemony enough.
then in went the flour and baking powder.

the "surprise" was spposed to be the mixed fruit coated with butter and sugar but this actually made the cake too sweet for my liking.

and here's the finished product. not very pretty but her student said it tasted good. hope he wasnt lying!

actually it wasnt too bad except for the too sweet part and the lack of lemony flavour. the texture was really good as it was moist and crumbly.

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