Tuesday, May 29, 2007

i like sakae sushi at subang parade. the ambience is nice, with nice comfy booths to sit in and an overall dim lighting. i like the cute green smiling froggy on its logo. oh..and the food is pretty good as well.
rachel had this tempura-ed basket with her cold soba and raw egg mixture [forgot what it's called]

yewjin had this mackeral sushi that looks interesting. the fish slices are topped with minced ginger and spring onion.

as usual the tamago sushi is a favourite.

my all time favourite - salmon sushi. sakae sushi has the cheapest salmon sushi around at only RM1.90 per plate [of two pieces] and it tastes much better than the ones at sushi king [more expensive!] which were not very fresh the last time gavin and i ate there. which is kinda weird as sushi king is just a fast food place whereas sakae sushi "feels" like a fine dining place.

I thought it was interesting to see this item on the menu called "spicy salmon sushi" so i ordered it. it turned out to be rather...interesting. on the the usual vinegared rice were chopped up raw salmon mixed with... i dont know. what looked like curry paste and chilli powder? it WAS indeed spicy but still had that distinct salmony flavour. wrapped up in seaweed sheets. unexpected..but tasty.

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