Friday, June 01, 2007

Qatari Cuisine

This is what the boyfriend had at a Middle Eastern posh restaurant in Doha.
what looks like a giant crayfish [wonder where all the meat is located] this is why i dont like to eat crustaceans unless someone picks the meat out for me. u never know where to start looking for the meat. it just looks like a whole lot of shell to me!! these look baked. or grilled.
dhall chicken curry

roast pigeon and chips [hmm there're lotsa pigeons who often perch on my window every morning making a lotta ruckus....]

what i presume to be the same crayfish as the ones earlier but turned on their backs. looks like cheese on top.

the usual mandatory middle eastern flatbreads, all puffed up and ready to go...

dips! i wish i could try all these.i dont even know all their names but the far left one is probably tabouli, then some tomato salad, chopped olives, and at least one of them is hummus for sure.
wish i could've been there to taste all these interesting thing. there are several mid. eastern restaurants here in KL but i've never had the chance to go to any of them. in fact there was one just outside my workplace in Jln Imbi called "Al Shami" which i wanted to try for a long time now as the prices look reasonable but... I still have never been.

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