Tuesday, June 05, 2007


elaine and i tried to make bibimbap today. instead of laver/bracken/mungbeans/other korean veggies, we substituted bokchoy, carrot, cucumber, sweet potato leaves and chinese mushrooms. instead of beef, we used chicken. and we didnt have any kimchi! i should try making kimchi soon as the boyfriend and i love the stuff...
anyway if u wanna try bibimbap at home, for an easy recipe, go here. yes, i know..going to a western site to get asian recipes sounds bad but the fact is that its the easiest way to try to cook something if u're not that familiar with it because it'll be so dumbed down, even the dumbest person can mess it up...! one of my favourite books for asian recipes is one written by westerners [hehehe the boyfriend bought it while in the UK] because trying to learn to cook asian food from asians...is just futile. no precise measurements and most of them cook by ear [they eyeball it!]

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