Tuesday, June 05, 2007

last night we had dinner at this chinese restaurant in klang. its quite famous and popular among klang folks and my cousin even had her wedding dinner there many years ago.
as with chinese restaurants of this sort, all the usual menu items are available,like this very fattening "lemon chicken". it was quite tasty as usual, deep fried and crispy with lemon sauce but the sauce was a bit too sweet.
some tofu in black sauce. i didnt eat any of it as it was grabbed up before i could take some.

i LOVE yambasket! it's so yummy..the crispy mashed tasty yam with stir fried cubes of capsicum/onion/baby corn/seasoned pork/fried mehoon/crabstick encased inside.

the ubiquitus [spelling?] sweet sour fish dish. it's a common thing that one gets at any "chap fan" stall but well, it was yummy as always. perhaps it's yummy because of the DFF [deep fried factor] but it drives home a lil more guilt because deep frying it is bad enough but coating it in a starchy sugary sauce makes it worse!

the marmite pork was my favourite dish as it was really nice and tender with an interesting flavour that can only be described as sweetish/savory. and of course the usual mixed stir fried veggies to balance the meal off. this one had asparagus in it which i liked.

food wise it's good and cheap [came up to about RM25 a head] and their wedding dinners start at around RM450 a table which is really cheap compared to those hotels that charge RM1200 a table and serve horrible food!] but the atmosphere is really bad because of their [SCARY/HORRIFYING/ANNOYING] karaoke machines and the crowd there are made of mainly loud/rowdy/smokers/drunkards/people who sing out of tune so unless u like having lotsa smoke/noise around..u might not enjoy the experience as much.

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