Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I'd never made meringues before but i love them!! the first time i tasted one was at Tassie when Leslie used to make them. they were so pretty...billowing white "clouds" of sweet/crunchy/chewy mouthfuls. at a bakery in Marsfield i had a pink meringue caterpillar. But somehow it wasnt so hot in malaysia.
but recently i had the lemon meringue pie at Delicious by Ms Read and remembered how much i love meringues!!
however if you're not a sweet toothed person, you'll hate them. Im sure gavin would hate them!
found this recipe from martha stewart for cranberry pecan meringues, i substituted walnuts and mixed fruit.
first i measured the fruits and nuts

then comes the fun part! i beat the egg whites with the vanilla and sugar until soft peaks form

then fold in the fruit and nuts

then i dropped big tablespoonfuls on a tray and baked them for 2 hours!

the result was a nice crunchy on the outside but chewy on the inside sweet flavourful puff!
unfortunately i am a sweet toothed person and this was just too irresistible for me and i ended up eating 4 at once! when i only meant to "taste" one! oh dear. but it tasted so good and the texture so nice and chewy and it was like a blast of vanilla and fruit flavour with each bite.

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Shaun said...

Good job but i would have liked mine a bit golden on the top :)

just my preference