Wednesday, January 02, 2008

penang extravaganzaaaaa

my all time favourite food in penang is kueh teow thng. i know it's not as "famous" as char kueh teow but i really like it better than CKT. however there're good ones and blah ones. this one on Clarke st was pretty good....

full of.. chicken slices, pork balls, fishballs and.... pork intestines [forgot to inform the lady that i dont eat innards....]

here's the nice lady. as you can see...some of the best food around are not in the poshest of settings.....

this bit of chicken curry was served at a roadside [literally] stall that was packed in the morning.

the roti here is superb. the dough is thicker than most other roti and chewy but crispy at the same time. and the best part? it's only 60cents a piece!!

and here's the chicken rice from fatty loh's

along with the side dishes of pak choy, char siu, siew yoke [roasted belly pork]

the menu

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