Tuesday, January 08, 2008

have i mentioned that i love korean food? here at dae jung gum in bandar puteri puchong [opposite Pizza Uno, one of those shoplots on the same side as giant] everything is great, the service, the food, the ambiance.

seruiosly i dont konw wat to gush about first. the nice, eager to please, accomodating waiters? they're just waiting, and i mean WAITING to do something for you. the moment you appear to be half needing a bit of help, they'll rush to your side. the bottomless refreshing iced korean tea with a slight sugarcane aftertaste kept getting refilled after 2-3 sips, which gavin loved.

we ordered bibimbap, and some spicy seafood soup with rice and some barbecued pork ribs but we didnt realize we had ordered too much because an army of side dishes appeared and we ended up not being able to finish everything.

my favourite sides are of course the kimchi, and spinach namul, odeng [fishcake] and those salty boiled cockles in kimchi-ish sauce.

and we were given a steaming hot scrambled egg dish on the house. boy had we known we wouldnt have ordered so much!!

gavin's spicy soup and rice dish.

sizzling pork ribs with chilli paste sauce, sliced raw garlic/chilli, and the army of side dishes

kimchi, salty cockles and tempura-ed something. dont remember what it was but i liked it.

look at all the meat!!!
i highly highly recommend this place because the servings are so generous and pricing is quite reasonable. plus you cant beat the great service!

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Pilgrim said...

wow. i should go try the korean bbq. the meat is calling my name...