Friday, February 15, 2008

past adventures/ nostalgia

I miss australia. i miss it so much it hurts. so i couldnt bear to look at my aussie photos ever since i came back coz it only fueled the deep deep bitterness and longing in my heart. yes i was bitter about having to come back here. i was sad. i missed my friends there and missed my life there, i missed the food there.

but looking back at these pictures.. i realized i had some interesting food adventures to share. so here they are! in June 2004,
Leon, shaun and i went on a road trip around Victoria and landed at some trout fishing farm place.

we fished for the trout. we each caught one [not very difficult since they're all starved!!!]

so we barbecued them in foil at the park with lemon, salt and butter. simple and tasty.

who'd have thought freshly caught trout would taste so good with such minimal preparation?

then we drove along to sasafrass and found a quaint little teahouse.

there's the teahouse. on the right of this picture.

it had a "christmas in July" theme going on so the christmas decorations were on. quite fitting since it was winter time.

here're shaun and leon looking at the menu.

very cozy little place, and i loved the fireplace since it was so cold outside.

shaun ordered the current scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam [yum!!] with earl grey of course, keeping up with the whole English thing.

leon had leek and potato soup. very comforting and warming on a cold day.

I dont remember what i ordered but this looks like a shepherd's pie. delicious.

i miss Australia :'(

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