Monday, February 11, 2008

i have some random food pics here in no particular order.

the noodle station in SS15 [opposite old town kopitiam] is really nice. the ambiance is quite agreeable, clean, air conditioned, nice tables and chairs. the waiters have high tech PDAs in which your orders are transmitted wirelessly to the kitchen.

prices range between RM5.90-13.90 so it's reasonable. the portions are good too.
this thai friend rice was ordered by a friend of mine and it was yummy.

for CNY i had some friends over for steamboat. we steamed up various processed meats like these fishballs, veggie balls, foo chuk and tofu.

these meatballs were from a random trip to IKEA last Wednesday. the gravy was delish. it's what makes it special. i cant appreciate the lingonberry jam though. i think that jam should stay on toast/tarts/cakes.

this was a random experiment i had with pasta. trying to make carbonara. it was from jamie oliver's recipe. here's a tip : make sure the bacon's nice and crispy before mixing it in or it'll go soggy.

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