Wednesday, October 15, 2008

escargots in butter garlic sauce! these were divine. the sauce was so good i mopped it up with some crusty bread. gavin however couldn't stomach the idea of eating snails so he passed.

instead, he had the roast duck with potatoes gratin.
the dessert aisle at mariner's buffet
creme caramel

at lunch one day we had freshly made sandwiches and we could choose wat bread and fillings we wanted. gavin had french bread with chicken, ham and lettuce. here he is doing the..dagwood pose!
as for me i can't resist the soups everyday. this one's carrot and ginger soup. also there were roast new potatoes, grilled barramundi with tomato confit, marinated mussels and german pork sausages.
at ocean palace i ordered the eggs benedict - they are to DIE FOR!!! crusty english muffins with a poached egg and ham with creamy hollandaise sauce. whoever invented this was surely trying to die early from a heart attack
gav decided to go malaysian and had the roti with curry. why on earth he'd order roti kosong on a 5 star fine dining restaurant is beyond me...however he said it was good.
that's an egg white ommelette for thsoe who're trying to cut cholesterol although having it with bacon and hash browns kinda defeats the purpose right?

mushroom soup with croutons. tasty.
some thai thing with shrimp, ladies's fingers and eggplant. when the ship went to penang we had malaysian themed dishes and so when it went to krabi we had thai themed meals.
am i the only one who thinks this dessert looks naugthy? [wink]
the coffee and tea station at mariner's buffet. it's so nice to finally have proper milk to put in your coffee instead of those nasty "creamer" packets you get in malaysia

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