Wednesday, October 15, 2008

more food from the cruise! this post is about the meals we had in Ocean Palace which is the fine dining restaurant on the ship.
this is one of my favourite things- the cheese and fruit platter. 3 types of cheese- gouda, Emmental and blue cheese, with walnuts and grapes and crackers.
breakfast was a hearty affair every single day. grilled tomato, bacon, hash browns, wedges and steak...with scrambled egg.
I had pancakes with maple syrup and pork sausages
this is a thai curry with rice. it was different from the usual thing somehow, it had mango cubes in it.
a very elegant looking dessert but it only tasted so-so. the strawberries were so sour!


Su Ann said...

Gosh, i 'm salivating already!!! Yummy! Bet it was a very appetizing cruise - in many sense of the word. Haha. ;)

YChing said...

I am also salivating... am now hungry and at work. Doesn't help to see your blog! Urgh!