Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the wedding cake
i loved my wedding cake! it was so beautiful in an indie way i think. of course those expensive cakes are elegant and exquisite but i think mine was more special to me because every bit of it was made with love by the people i love. the cake stand and tiers were designed and built by my dear hubby, who measured, marked, cut, and glued each piece together. even the layers of the paper doilies on the surfaces.

the chocolate fudge cupcakes were made by my mum, and the top tier baked and decorated by adeline and ben who took over the task from me because i was so dead tired 2 days before the wedding. on the wedding day yuenching helped to assemble everything and put the pink flowers on top of the cupcakes and arranged everything so beautifully.

For my hen's night my sweet girlfriends brought a lot of sweet treats and tea, just like how i'd envisioned it to be. tea, cakes, cookies and scones. and pink and brown rocky sticks! what fun! :D


Jones Family Five said...

I love your blog! Your wedding cake was so unique and creative!
One thing I reccomend for your blog is put up a 'followers' list, so people like me have the option to follow your blog and get the updates!
Thanks for sharing

Matthew Chong said...

I helped....stick the cupcakes to the...oh nevermind =p hehehe!