Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Easiyo is a brand of home-made yogurt mixes and the yogurt "maker" sold at Coles. the yogurt maker is a big tumbler that's got thick sides presumably to maintain a steady temperature which would be the best environment for the bacteria to multiply. each batch of yoghurt produces 1 kg of it, so this freshly made yoghurt is about 10c-70c cheaper than buying those ready made ones from ski as each easiyo packet is somewhere between $3.50-$3.90. I don't know why the different flavours have different prices. perhaps some are most costly to produce!?
the whole point of this is because apparently, freshly made yogurt has more of the friendly bacteria that help our digestion and promote a healthy gut.

so, this time we used a strawberry flavoured one.

it's quite simple to make, first pour some cool drinking water into the container and add the contents of the packet. then top off with more cool water. [this water has to be either filtered, boiled and cooled or bottled as the tiniest amount of chlorine would kill off the yogurt bacteria]
then, hot boiling water is poured into the tumbler up to a certain level, and the yogurt container is placed in it, like so. and covered and left for 8-12 hours at room temperature for the bacteria to multiply.
the next morning we found that it had set into yogurt ! yum. it tasted nice and creamy and flavourful enough but I still like those commercially made berry ones better because those have actual fruit pieces in the yogurt. on the other hand, this one proports to be healthier as it has more bacteria and is fresher with no preservatives.


Gina E. said...

Hmm - this is very interesting, Cell. I eat a small tub of Valiaa yoghurt for lunch most weekdays (while the other half is at work eating his vegemite sandwiches), and I've often heard that homemade yoghurt is so much better. But how long would that keep after you make it up? I should look for the Easiyo kit at Coles next time I'm in there, and it will probably say somewhere on the packaging.

cell said...

hey Gina, you can keep the yoghurt in the fridge for up to 2 weeks as long as a clean spoon is used each time some is scooped out. of course the fresher it is, the better!