Monday, June 01, 2009

grilled lamb attempt

I got inspired watching nigella lawson make a roast lamb dinner for one with mushy peas so I decided to give it a go. unfortunately i didn't quite get it right, the lamb was soo tough and chewy and not very flavourful although i did chop up garlic and fresh rosemary and drizzled it with olive oil. the grilled onions and tomato was okay though. the mushy peas didn't turn out very good either coz i didn't like how sweet they tasted [i didn't add any sugar!] those peas must be naturally sweet.

the only thing that was perfect were the mashed potatoes, after all you can't go wrong with those!

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Gina E. said...

the chances are it was not your cooking that made the lamb tough. It could have been tough to start with and in that case no amount of marinade will make it tender. A lot depends on the cut of lamb that you used. In your photo it looks like a lamb chop of some kind, which don't roast well. I only cook for two, so I know what it's like trying to find small cuts of anything to roast! The supermarkets often have very small pieces of lamb to roast, I forget what they call them, but there is no bone or fat - just a nice lean piece of meat. I brush it with oil and cook it at 180c for an hour so.
I guess peas are naturally sweet, but I just steam the frozen variety for 3 mins, and serve them up without mashing.
Hope this is some help to you!