Sunday, May 24, 2009

gav's birthday - food fest

auntie treated us to a nice dinner tonight at "jade dragon" restaurant in templestowe. above, the banana fritter with ice cream. it wasn't like pisang goreng coz the batter wasn't in many "crisps" but rather one smooth shell, somewhat like the batter used in fish n chips. the ice cream was good and creamy though.

scallops with fried garlic.
in the arvo we had a barbie with ivan and ee lane, we barbecued chicken wings, corn, pork sausages and onions. somehow things taste better when barbecued than pan fried. i can't explain why! must be the burnt bits.
the gorgeous cakes they brought us from crown bakery were lovely.

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Gina E. said...

Hi Selina,
Thank you for visiting my kookaburra blog and leaving a comment there. I have finally got around to visiting you in return! I always like to do that, but sometimes it take a while. I am really enjoying your blog; my mouth is watering, looking at all this food!
I had to laugh at your comment about the kangaroo sausages. I love them, but I guess they are an acquired taste, a bit like Vegemite. Peculiar to the Aussie taste buds!