Monday, May 04, 2009

porky chinese lunch

gav loves his rice and dishes. he's very Chinese in that way. and he MUST have it with soup! ideally a pork bone soup with watercress or lotus root or old cucumber and dates. but if that's not available he'd settle for a bit of vegemite dissolved in hot water.

i made this steamed pork mince dish in the centre. it couldnt' be easier to make, just mix up some pork mince with a beaten egg, chopped ginger and garlic, a bit of soy sauce and pepper and sesame oil and chives and steam the whole thing until cooked! [about 15 minutes] you can experiment and add whatever else you want such as oyster sauce, a salted egg instead of a regular chicken egg,onions, chinese rice wine, those jarred preserved vegtables from china. think of it as a chinese meatloaf.

this time though i just microwaved it for 10 minutes. it was tasty.

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