Thursday, May 21, 2009

here and there in Victoria

we went to monash clayton just to have a little look around.we have so many malaysian friends who came to study here so i wanted to finally see the famous monash clayton! aesthetics wise, i wouldn't say there was anything that fantastic about its buildings/grounds. i've seen much prettier uni buildings/grounds.... but when it came to food! whoa this place was like a shopping centre!

i was really amazed to see how diverse the student body of monash clayton is. there were students from ALL over the world. the food in the cafeteria reflected this too with a nasi lemak and sushi station alongside the usual pizzas/sandwiches/fried stuff.

these wraps and sandwiches looked yummy but nothing beats a nice hot steaming bowl of noodles or rice for me, especially in cold weather!there was even an asian grocery right in the student centre that stocked ready made nasi lemak, nasi goreng and mee goreng! and a little microwave in which to heat it up in.
yinchi loves her chicken chips.
i have a love hate r'ship with macca's - i love the taste of its greasy/salty food at the same time loathed how it is the epitome of commercialization and how [in malaysia] the prices keep going up and up while the average m'sians income [hence, quality of life] spiral down and down.
the beef burgers here are juicier than in malaysia. also we loved how you can opt for bacon in your burger! yum. gav doesnt look THAT happy here in the picture but i can assure you he liked his burger very much.
their McCafe also intrigued me, with every manner of muffins, cakes and desserts alongside the usual gourmet coffees. somewhat like what you'd get at starbucks or coffeebean.
sponging off my aunt and uncle here while being unemployed leaves a certain amount of guilt in my system so every opportunity to "give back" I jump at willingly.
She had big dreams of making the most ginormous cake ever for someone's 94th birthday last Sunday so gavin and I got to work on this chocolate cream fudge cake.

with this cold weather the frosting set before I could smoothe it our properly so looks "textured". thank God it tasted good. although I personally wouldn't eat those sugar flowers coz who knows how much artificial colouring there is in them!

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