Sunday, May 03, 2009

opulent court

Opulent Court in pearl international hotel on old klang road isn't that famous but their weekend dimsum promo is really good! for a flat rate of RM27.90 nett you get to order anything you want off the menu and it'll be made fresh for you. it's all the benefits of a buffet minus the having to serve yourself bit! every item we ordered was excellent. i was enjoying the food too much to take photos but here're just a few things i ordered.

above: the woo kok, cheecheongdun and har kow
below: the spinach soup. i ate the whole thing by myself.
this yam dessert thing was yummy. it was warm when it arrived.

and of course heaps of other things i didn't take photos of!
the frog porridge was excellent, and so were the braised pork ribs. the pao was great too however i must say the best item there was the guillinggao [a black herbal jelly that's sweetish and slightly bitter] i had 2 helpings because it was so good.

one thing to watch out for though is the extra "tit bits" that they put on your table without you asking for it. that's charged separately. it was a disgusting plate of preserved lotus root slices.

one lady server however was quite annoying. when i asked one to take the plate of disgusting preserved lotus root slices away she kept trying to make me keep it, saying it's delicious, it's so cheap anyway, blah blah. i told her i didn't want it. of course i didn't want it! because it's charged separately and honestly why should i bother eating some disgusting preserved lotus root slices when i can order as much fresh steaming hot dimsum as i want from the menu? then she got rude and said "if you'd tasted it you can't give it back"

i got really annoyed and told her i hadn't touched it. so she took it away reluctantly.
what is it with these people? later she came back to me and asked if i were japanese. when i said no, she asked what kind of chinese did i think i was, not being able to speak it?

i didn't bother replying this time because obviously nobody ever taught her that your customer is not someone to be lectured/quizzed about one's personal life.

so, the verdict is :

food taste/quality: 10/10
service: 5/10 [bcoz the other servers were great!]

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