Friday, June 19, 2009

little discoveries at home

all bread tastes better warmed but not all types fit into a toaster! so this is how I toast non toaster type breads- on a hot pan without oil! works like a charm for lebanese bread, yeasty breads, whatever.
today I tried making "shioyaki" for the first time. it's basically salt grilled fish, japanese style. it's very easy to do, just rub salt into a fish then rinse with salt water and dry with a paper towel then on a hot grill 9 mins on each side [depending on how big the fish is]. after we took it off the grill we sprinkled a bit of lemon juice over it. it doesn't look very pretty in the picture though coz we just served it right off the foil we grilled it in!

with nothing but salt and a bit of lemon juice in it I thought it would be quite boring but it was surprisingly tasty with a nice fresh flavour to it, the lack of other strong "stuff" over it really brings out the natural flavours of the fish, and the fats from the fish gave it a nice flavour too, crisping up the edges. I'll definitely do this regularly as not only is it tasty but really easy to do and not having to use any oil at all is a bonus.

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Gina E. said...

I agree with you that fish tastes best without a whole lot of extra flavours. It has a subtle taste which is easily spoilt by too many additives. I'm going to try your Shioyaki one day!