Thursday, December 17, 2009

tandoori mix by Maggi

this mix was brought from Malaysia, I reckon we bought it in January then forgot to use it, then left it at my parent's place, and they didn't use it either, so on his recent trip back, Gavin brought a whole lot of them here. So, although it was expired, we used it anyway! and it was good! the instructions were so simple: just marinade the meat in the powder mix and yoghurt, then grill/roast it for half an hour.
it turned out so tasty and juicy, much nicer than the chicken tandoori from Suku's [in SS14]. Hmm perhaps it's bcoz ours was succulent and we used maryland fillet instead of breast meat. I wish we could have it again but that was our only tandoori mix packet! it's perfect with sliced red onion, a squeeze of lime juice and warm naan.

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