Thursday, January 14, 2010

tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes

The tomato patch in the garden is yielding a bounty of them right now, but sadly more than half of them have worm holes. Those pesky little buggers! It's really hard getting a perfect, unblemished tomato without using pesticides. Also, since Monday's 43C heatwave there were several that got sunscalded [where a patch exposed to the sun turns white, squishy and rots] Some have more than half of its flesh eaten by caterpillars. It's quite interesting seeing the different varieties of tomatoes. Some are small and round, some have ribbed surfaces, others shaped like an eggplant. I'm trying to think of what to do with them. Tomato tarts? Tom Yum soup? Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

make salsa!

Gina E. said...

Oh Cell,I am so disappointed with my tomatoes this year! I always buy one Apollo seedling, plant it around Cup Day, and usually have lovely tomatoes by Christmas. But this year they just refuse to ripen up. I lost the first crop while they were still green and tiny - must have been to those worms you mention, although I've not have them in previous years. I thought birds had pecked them.
I have about 20 tomatoes now, mostly green, and much smaller than they should be. I've fed them, watered them, moved them to shade if the day has been a scorcher...Ah well, better luck next year.

cell said...

try worm tea - it's really good for tomatoes. or, well rotted compost is just as good.