Tuesday, January 05, 2010

summer daze

A lot of the times, the person who sows is not the person who reaps.
This reminds me of how Paul said that "I planted, Apollos watered but God gave the growth."
So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth.

So it is with these tomatoes growing in the garden. for weeks now my uncle had planted, weeded, watered, mulched and fertilized and God gave the growth. But they had to go off for their vacation and it's only now that the tomatoes are ripening. so now gavin and I get to reap the harvest!

here're the tomato plants outside. they're fruiting a LOT! that worm tea sure does wonders.... big, red and juicy.... unfortunately, these being completely pesticide free, the wormy friends have a liking to them too. so i've started picking them even before they're completely red, and allowing them to ripen indoors instead. Once i even found a gecko taking big bites out of an almost ripe one!

It's not often that I get nice home grown organic sun ripened tomatoes, so I was very pleased to make this ubiquitous chinese dish - tomato and egg. it's really easy and very tasty. You'll need as many eggs as tomatoes. Just fry the beaten eggs in some oil, scrambling a little bit but not too much. Set aside, then fry the tomatoes [cut into wedges] in the same pan until somewhat wilted and soggy , add a splash of tomato ketchup, salt/soy sauce and pepper to taste, a pinch of sugar and a sprinkle of chicken stock powder [optional] then add the cooked eggs back in and stir around to warm up. it's really yummy with rice and if you just NEED to have some meat in it [like gavin does...] add some chopped ham/bacon/pork/chicken if have those lying around.

this was my breakfast [shared with gavin] instant noodles with chopped spring onions, a fried egg, chicken nuggets from the freezer, berries and iced coffee.

I found a miniature plum tree on my way to the train station in Macleod and picked a whole basketful of them! The tree had heaps more, when we left, it looked like we were never there!They were juicy and sweet, but so tiny!

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