Sunday, May 09, 2010

Aloo Paratha

We bought 2kg of potatoes last week and couldn't finish them up so I looked through my potato cookbooks and found this recipe for aloo paratha (potato filled flat Indian breads). I should've known better than to use a western cookbook for an Indian recipe, but it looked easy enough! It wasn't. The dough needed kneading and standing and just wouldn't come together until I added more water and more oil. We managed to roll it out somehow but it didn't reach the correct diameter [what's wrong? not enough kneading?] As you can see above, gav ended up doing most of the work!
I mashed up the potatoes and mixed them with the fried garlic, onion and spices to make up the filling. The filling is pressed between 2 rounds of dough and sealed to make sort of a sealed disc.
then, we pan fried them individually in our new nonstick Tefal pan.
I used spray oil to keep them from sticking.
The later ones turned out better than the earlier ones. We ate them with dhal makhani curry and they were yummy! not bad for a first try...

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