Saturday, May 08, 2010

Tao's in Bulleen

We were lucky enough to have been invited here for dinner by Gav's boss. This posh place is just on the main road in Bulleen and we've passed by it a few times before. I thought it was a chinese place but it's actually a Japanese fusion place where you pay a flat rate and choose from a list of items for each course. there were 7 courses! the service was good and everything was yummy. Above is a lemon lime and bitters mocktail.
the first course, a wedge of juicy tomato with a dressing, a perfectly fried tempura prawn, and a ...i forgot what that white thing is on the right.
oysters on the half shell with a spicy relish on top
a sashimi platter arranged beautifully
a herbal seafood broth in a kettle
grilled fish with edamame and a creamy wasabi sauce
pistachio semifreddo with green tea swish. or swipe. or slash...what do u call it?


Gina E. said...

This isn't very far from me. I hope I can tempt hubby to go with me one day while he is on leave from work. We both like Japanese food. Don't you just love the way they present their meals?

cell said...

yeah u should go. i think they change their menu periodically so it's worth going several times!