Tuesday, February 01, 2011

it's raining, it's pouring....

 I've been away from home for almost 2 months now, while completing my nursing placements in Melbourne. But, it's good too be home just for a few days to rest and recuperate. The work at the hospitals aren't necessarily difficult,but staying up all night on night shifts have a way of wrecking your digestion, cognition and mood!

Above, our first tomato from our first tomato plant. As you can see it was far from perfect, quite disappointing to find a beautiful tomato...then see a huge hole on its side! sigh...
 This is Socks, our neighbour's cat but it treats our home as its own, meowing to come in every evening and sometimes in the arvo. Also, it uses us as warm blooded furniture.
It's not very often that we can get him to pose for a picture!

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Gina E. said...

Aww, cute cat! They are funny the way they adopt new owners, when their real owners live next door!
Your tomato reminds me of ours last year - possums or birds chewed a hole in all of them. This year I put netting all over the pot, which stopped the nibblers, but I only got 4 tomatoes in total. Edible, but small. Blasted rain.