Monday, February 28, 2011

Nostimini seasoning rub

the package of spice rub and raw chicken wings 
 I got this package of Nostimini spice rub at Harry's Greek outlet on centre road in Clayton. I was told that it was "beautiful" with any kind of meat, and that I didn't have to do anything but sprinkle it on, then barbecue the meat! No chopping onions, no marinading overnight. With chicken, you don't even have to add oil because the chicken skin is full of fat that drips all over the meat anyway.

So, here I've used chicken wings that we got for $3 a kilo. and yes, it was indeed, "beautiful" and absolutely scrumptious. Although it was "barbecued" in our little electric toaster oven at home, the whole kitchen smelled like we were at a barbie, and the flavour was really really good. I can't figure out what's in it, perhaps oregano? and 100 other things. Anyway, I hope we'll be able to find somewhere in Hobart that supplies this coz it's so so good.

We had it with belacan stir fried kangkung [our home grown ones!] and rice. If you were Greek, you'd probably have it with salad and bread. Either way, it was completely delicious.


Gina E. said...

I wonder if you'd find it at Safeway or Coles? Probably not, but I will write down the name and look in Leo's Fine Foods in Camberwell. Cell, if you are ever around Camberwell or Kew back here in Melb. don't miss the opportunity to browse at Leo's. They are much more than a supermarket, believe me!!

Kevin Wilkinson said...

Giganis bros of Hindmarsh Adelaide make it. Maybe they can direct you to a local supplier