Monday, February 21, 2011

microwave strawberry jam

 I'm back in Hobart!! and so glad to be as well. melbourne was so hot and humid! but, it's freezing here now. humans are so hard to please. I'd like the temperature to be between 20-24C, no more no less. but, it looks like it's already autumn now.

anyway, it's so good to be home. the hubby bought 600g of strawberries at salamanca on saturday and we couldn't eat them all and some were turning moudly [yuck] so i quickly did a search for jam. I used one from the site, where you microwave the strawberry pulp with sugar and lemon juice. it tastes great, but the mess from the overflow was so hard to clean! I wouldn't recommend using a microwave. i think doing it on the stovetop in a big heavy pot would be better.

here's the hubby and feline, having a nap together. how cozy they look....

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