Wednesday, April 27, 2011

garden update - beautiful day in Hobart

 It's a beautiful week in Hobart, sunshine the past 2 days! Our basil plant is looking happy. It has tiny white specks on it that looked like desicated coconut. I sprayed most of them off with a burst of water but there're still a few pesky bits left. wonder if it's some kind of bug?

 I initially feared that the cherry tomatoes wouldn't ripen but they are ripening now. what a beautiful sight! I was overjoyed when I saw these beauties.
 This one's growing out of a pot on my balcony.
Some of our "bounty". Funny how they seem so much more beautiful and taste so much sweeter when they're home grown! I'm so proud of them.

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Martha J. Lee said...

i'm envious Sel! wish I had such a garden, and that view that you have! Enjoy your tomatoes! We're having craazy weather here. It's furious storms alternating with very hot sun!