Friday, July 08, 2011

cat blogging

 Us cat owners find our cats amusing to watch no matter what boring thing they may be doing. I find that they look so elegant and graceful just sitting/lying/standing. Somehow, every pose seems like a great photo opportunity! So, here he is enjoying a bit of sun on a cold windy afternoon.
 here he is looking out of a ledge of our wardrobe.
 and.... sitting comfortable on a human bed.
 one of our dinners last week. miso soup, spinach namul, grilled pork ribs in a korean marinade and rice.
the refreshments after a CWA meeting, that victoria sponge in the foreground was absolutely yummy.

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Gina E. said...

I thought I'd left a comment on this must have got lost in cyberspace. My newish computer has been working so well, I can't believe it would let me down!
Your food photos make my mouth water as usual. Since Ken's heart surgery, I've been trying to stick to low fat cooking, which mostly means cutting out the liberal use of butter in cooking - waaaah! But I've been buying up all the anti-fat/salt/cholesterol/etc. books I can find in opshops, and am finding that we can still enjoy the good stuff!