Friday, July 01, 2011

a day out in Moonah

Today was my first time ever having a meal at a "hotel". I still don't quite know what classifies something as a hotel. it appears that it may not have rooms to stay in at all and is more of a bar/pub where you can drink, play pool, gamble [keno] and bet on horses. I dont really know what keno is. anyway, so, we walked in to Cooleys Hotel in Moonah and didn't know that the restaurant was separate from the bar. so I waltzed up to the barkeeper and asked "can I have your lunch menu?" and he told me to go to the restaurant which was behind some doors. Hahhaa..I felt quite silly but it being my 1st time eating at such a place, how was I to know? The restaurant was very nice, felt like any other restaurant really. Our server was very warm, cheery and attentive. However, the seafood boullabaise I ordered [above] was quite ..... bad. The soup had a weird, bitter aftertaste that I just couldn't eat. After a few mouthfuls, I gave up and decided to only eat the pieces of seafood in it. what a waste of perfectly good oysters, mussels, salmon, scallops and fish! unfortunately the best part of my meal was the toasted bread. I know if it's just me, perhaps I'm not used to those spices used, or was it coz something was past its best? I'll never know.

Gav's porterhouse steak [above] however, was good. The bacon and mushroom sauce was really tasty and the meat done just right [with some blood leaking out of it!] I often go for a seafood option whenever possible and he goes for meat. and I'm the one who needs more dietary iron! Of course steamed veggies and chips always go down well with a hunk of meat.

We got this meal at half price because of the entertainment book voucher, else we never would have thought of eating here. Later at the Island markets, we had this caramel souffle slice $5, below, at the churros cafe. It was absolutely delicious, with its layers of what tasted like sponge cake, whipped cream, caramel sauce and crunchy toasted almonds. Too many calories for one person but for two it's not too bad... :P

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Gina E. said...

That soup looks disgusting - I would have sent it back and asked for a refund...No excuse for rubbishy food, even if it is half price. The dessert looks way too much for one person - even two!! I'd have trouble getting through that, but I would sure enjoy the first few mouthfuls!
I chuckled at your bewilderment over the terminology of pubs and hotels. Every country have their own versions of what they are - I have heard that pubs in England are completely different to what pubs are in Australia.

Martha said...

i could have some of that cake! :)